Where the Son Shines and the Spirit Soars

"Come as you are" 

     New Horizon United Methodist Church was founded in 1980. From the early days of the church a primary concern has been social justice in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have always felt God's love is available to all.  Through this belief, many local, state, and even international ministries have begun as New Horizon.  Through programs such as the Woodward County Toy Giveaway and other ministries, we try to reach out to people and meet them where they are. We try to help people address their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
    This is also evident in the structure of our church facilities.  At New Horizon you won't find a traditional setting but a more contemporary style of church.  New Horizon is designed much like a comfortable home, with clear glass windows, couches, and a fireplace.  Through the architectural elements God's message is clear,  acceptance.   
    With that said, our most important priority at New Horizon, other than God's love, is you.  The people make up God's church.  Because of this it's vital to us that you know God's love as we do!  At New Horizon we give new meaning to church for everyone, and we mean everyone.  Come as you are!

  • Our theology is based upon the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, understood in terms of loving God and loving your neighbor.
  • United Methodist tradition and theology are interpreted in a manner allowing us freedom and creativity, yet keeps us accountable to our heritage as United Methodists.
  • All activities and actions proclaim a hopeful, optimistic, and creative kind of Gospel in lieu of a negative, judgmental gospel.
  • The elements of surprise, excitement, creativity, and expectation permeate our life together. Programs and activities which become a chore are questioned.
  • The educational program of the church is purposeful in preparing participants to be sent into the world to operate with strength, confidence, and faith.
  • We work toward the tasks of changing peoples lives in the name of the Gospel of Jesus.  Doing this helps people to develop a greater sense of love, peace, mercy, joy, and fulfillment according to the life of Christ.
  • Joy predominates in most events, but we are also a place to find affirmation, comfort, and companionship during times of pain.
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