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So, what do all of our NHUMC Committees do?!

Ever wondered how we are able to do all the ministry and work we do as a congregation? Its because of our great committees. Each of our committees are charged with a different task in furthering the Kingdom of God through our local congregation. God works through them as they develop and accomplish that task, and we get the chance to see His Kingdom grow in our community. We have a number of different committees that meet regularly through out the year, as well as some that meet seasonally for a specific ministry. Below is a list the different roles and responsibilities our committees have. See one you want to be a part of? Then contact the church or committee head and we will help you get started. It takes all of us to further His Kingdom and be the Church God intends for us to be!


All committee meetings are encouraged to be open to non-members. On occasion a portion of the meeting maybe closed for consideration of specific subjects. For confidentiality reasons, the Pastor Parish Relationship Committee shall always be a closed session.

Click here to open an Adobe Acrobat document with the list of our current committee members

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